José Vicente Fernández Inglés.

With a business career of over two decades in the short history of renting as a business philosophy, he has come a long way at the forefront of technology and IT. Graduate in Law from the University of Valencia, he also holds a Diploma in Financial and Fiscal Accountancy, and Business Administration from IESE.

His professional career is defined by 10 years working for IBM and 25 years in the Renting business, out of which 23 have been devoted to the company he founded in 1991, C.A.Metropolitan S.A.

He has developed several products connected to the philosophy of Renting, such as:
It is a website where suppliers and distributors of new technology and equipment for companies converge and offer their products and services by means of a comprehensive offer of pay-per-use.

Also, he offers some other products, such as Pay-Per-Use and Pay-Per-Transaction for Institutions, the Revolving Method for other IT technologies and some other ones focused on the efficiency of IT networks.

In the year 1996 he published his first book, Renting, which has achieved 8 editions so far.