The assets management of Metropolitan consists of four key points. Each of them has its own function and objective and they make a differentiating service that provides the best technological solutions and the most appropriate support to the business processes.

Each project can consider which the services to be managed are or the integration of all of them, including technical, managing and contractual aspects.
The solutions implemented by C.A. Metropolitan are oriented to an asset’s entire lifecycle, from its inventory and installation up to the stage of its removal or reuse.

  1.  Consulting-Auditing: Identification of opportunities. Design, analysis and evaluation of projects.
  2.  Development: Key-in-hand solutions. Purchase of equipment and transfer of the rights of use under the agreed conditions.
  3.  Management: Definition of services, from their installation up to the management of guarantees, insurances, etc.
  4.  Integral solution: Operations under flexible and customized Pay-Per-Use formulas which are adapted to the needs of our clients and his or her particular situation.

The formula of (pay-per-use) applied by C.A. Metropolitan allows the client to immediately and permanently have at his or her disposal the goods and services that allow their performance, renovating and updating them on the prearranged due dates, with total freedom to choose brand or manufacturers.