What is it

Equipos de renting



Renting can be defined as a commercial contract, by virtue of which, the lessor, following the exact instructions of the lessee, acquires in his/her own name, certain goods with the objective of renting them to the lessee so that he/she uses them during the time stipulated in the contract, with the possibility of replacing them or increasing their quantity during the contractual period.


C.A. Metropolitan does not provide funding solutions. However, we provide the use and enjoyment of goods and equipment under the formula pay-per-use without the expenditure, limitations, complexity and documental formalities that are associated to the purchase or financing processes.

The formula pay-per-use applied by C.A. Metropolitan allows our clients to immediately and permanently have at their disposal the goods and services that allow a good business performance, by renovating and updating them on the prearranged due dates, with total freedom to choose brand or manufacturers.

We provide this operational renting that increases your productivity and profit, as a collaboration partner of your financial department.