Advantage Renting

Ventajas del Renting

Advantage Renting

RENTING offers a differentiating option and advantages to be taken into account when considering a purchase, in contrast with traditional models of financing (credit, leasing,…). It gathers together three kinds of advantages FOR THE CLIENT


1. – Economic and Financial Advantages:

  • It does not affect the borrowing capacity.
  • It unifies taxation, temporary nature and operating life of the goods and/or services
  • It does not require investment, nor immobilises any company’s resources
  • It is not reflected in the statement of assets and liabilities
  • It simplifies accountancy and allows the arrangement of a fixed budget
  • It eliminates variable costs (maintenance, insurance, etc.)
  • It reduces administration expenses


2.- Technical and Operational Advantages:

  • It makes possible to enjoy goods and services, at any time, without any unexpected expenditure or investment that was not previously estimated.
  •  It optimizes business management, allowing further flexibility to adapt to the constant changes and evolution of technology.
  • It reduces the amount of paperwork and documents to manage, as well as the number of suppliers.
  • It prevents the risk of obsolescence and, therefore, it improves the image of the company


3.- Accounting and Tax Advantages

  • The Renting is by definition a fully and immediate tax deductible expense.
  • The rented assets are not part of the fixed assets of the lessee company.
  • Easy accounting of operations.