La empresa


C.A METROPOLITAN is an integrator company of products, services and management in renting. It was
created in April 1991 and is currently leader and specialist in the technological sector.
We offer our clients a “ turn key “ solution. We unify goods and services of different providers of technologies, software, industrial assets, services, content management, etc, creating a global solution with a unique provider.
We are highly specialized in the technological renovation


Develop innovative and flexible solutions under demand, allowing ours clients to cover the 100% of their needs, regardless of the time in which these are produced.
Maintain agreements with major manufacturers and distributors of the country being one of our most relevant characteristics, total independence and freedom of mark,so the client choose freely marks and providers in their projects.


Facilitate to our clients any kind of goods and services in the method of renting with sufficient flexibility and capacity to close the cycle of life of a good, providing them so the option best adequate to their needs.


Develop and maintain all technological, it or business operations managing the entire process from installation, in order to generate added value and provide practical solutions, adequate to the constant technological boost and evolution needs of our clients.