Líneas de negocio - C.A. Metropolitan

1.- Economic and Financial:

•Does not affect the ability of indebtedness.
• The fiscality, temporality and useful life of the asset and /or services, are equals.
•Does not require investments or immobilizes company resources.
•It is not reflected in the balance sheet.
•Simplifies accounting and makes it possible to define a fixed budget.
•Excludes variable costs (maintenance, insurance, etc.)
•Reduction of administrative costs.
•It does not decreases the liquidity.

2.- Technical and operational :

•Possibility of enjoying goods and services at any time without making payments or investment planned or budgeted.
•Streamlines the management of the company, allowing greater flexibility to adapt to constant changes and technologic evolution.
•It reduces the number of documents manage and also to providers.
•No risk of obsolescence.

3.- Tax and countable :

•Rent is by own definition in its totality an expense fiscally deductible.
•The goods into rental are not incorporated in the fixed assets of the lessee company.
•Easy accounting operations.

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